Lambretta Front Dampers

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Lambretta Front Telescopic Dampers 230mm Eyelet to Eyelet
CNC Machined from 45MM Diameter 6262 Specification Aluminium, with a Hard Anodised finish. 

Single Adjustable Dampening, offering 13 clicks of adjustment to allowing the user to accurately alter the Bump and Rebound Characteristics, perfecting your Scooter's ride. 

Each Shock Absorber has High Quality Rubber bush, with a brass insert mounted each end. 

Hand Built and Assembled in the UK.
Please read the writeup below from DSC Racing: 
Team DSC Racing have be working with Protech Shocks in their development of their new fully adjustable Lambretta front dampers.

Having tested them over the 2022 British Scooter Sport Organisation race(BSSO) series the British Scooter Endurance Club(BSEC) 6hr endurance and road/rally events we can confidently say they have ticked all the boxes.

Robust in design and appearance they fit perfectly and snugly without any modifications.(providing the fork damper brackets are positioned correctly).

There are 14 adjustable settings which has been advantageous in allowing us to set the front suspension to suit individual circuits and conditions, also having been used with both anti dive and non anti dive braking systems we have concluded that the sensitive adjustment has allowed for fine tuning to allow for greater track performance.

Darren Scott - DSC Racing

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