Double Adjustable

Protech’s very popular Double Adjustable which has two control knobs (Black = Bump and Red = Rebound) mounted in the bottom eye each with 13 clicks adjustment. This newer concept for Protech enables the customer to have greater stroke and easier adjustability than the old type of Double Adjustable.

These are available in both our 400 and 600 series body’s which enables the customer to have them with a 1.9 inch or 2 1/4 inch spring seat. The bump and rebound can be valved to various ratios to suit the customers requirements and they are completely independent of each other. All our double adjustables come filled with a fully synthetic oil (Pro RSF 10WT) for Race Conditions. Each damper is calibrated on our in house Dyno facility to ensure the compatibility of each shock absorber.

All of our Double Adjustable Shocks come with 2 years guarantee and ship worldwide.

If you need to check how we measure the lengths of the components then check our Shock Absorber Dimension Sheet

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Double Adjustable