Dual Shock Yamaha XJR 1200 95-98 Clear Anodising

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Our Dual Shock Suspension Package

This package includes 2 x Single adjustable Dampers, providing adjustable dampening and preload (2 x C spanners supplied) and for an added level of safety, a locking ring is included. Our single damping adjuster controls compression and rebound together, over a large range with 14 adjustment positions.

Each adjustment changes compression and rebound at the same time, whilst keeping the correct ratio between the two.

Dual Shock Features

- Adjustable Dampening: The Dual Shock Dampers utilise a single adjuster to alter the stiffness of your ride, just the way you like it. 

- Bike Specific Spring: We have a large selection of springs in stock, and we have a plethora of information regarding the appropriate spring specification for your bike.  

- Anodised Finish: We understand that on a bike your dampers are a main focal point, so we offer our Dual Shock dampers in both clear and black finishes. 

- Adjustable Spring Preload: Adjusting the preload can sometimes be required to fully tune your ride. We have a vast amount of spring preload data, and your dampers will be set to our specification, optimised for your bike.  

- Spring Seat Locking Ring: These Dual Shock dampers do not require a locking ring, but as a precaution we include one with each damper. 

- Spring Deflection Guard: Sometimes with light strength springs, there is a tendency that the spring will move under compression, and touch the body of the Damper. We have prevented this by using a plastic band which protects the damper from any wear.  

- Fully Serviceable: All our dampers are fully serviceable, providing reassurance that if the dampers performance ever faltered, you can always send them back for refurbishment. 

- 2 Year Road Guarantee: On all our dampers across our car and motorbike range we offer a 2 year road use guarantee. 

Protech Dual Shock History

You may know us for our car suspension systems, but we have been manufacturing and supplying motorcycle dampers for over 8 years. We have sold 10000's of dampers across the world to third party companies, but we feel now is the best time to offer our services direct to the general public. We have a vast amount of knowledge regarding specifications of bikes, including the particular valving characteristics to suit your bike. 





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