400S Double Adjustable Bearing 1.9ID

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PRO-TECH SHOCKS 400 SERIES are made from 6262 specification aluminium with adjustable spring seat platform for 1.9" or 2 ¼" I.D. springs. The 400 SERIES has independent bump and rebound adjustment, this allowed valving changes to be made at all shaft velocities without effecting the other valving adjustments. These shocks will give you the advantage over the competition at which a tyre is loaded or unloaded during dynamic weight transfer.

Dynamic weight transfer is the transferring of weight from side to side during cornering, from rear to front during deceleration and from front to rear during acceleration. By changing the stiffness of the shock's independently on the racecar, we are adjusting the loadings on the tyres at different points on the racetrack, if done correctly good handling will result in getting you to the chequered flag first!